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Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation • Sun, Feb 25 at 7:30PM

Experience yourself and your body in a new way through a soothing relaxation and INNER JOURNEY guided by soft sounds of the singing bowls, gong, other ethnical instruments like didgeridoo, drum, flute and soft singing.

Changing your intention from doing into BEING through awareness and mindfulness. The soft and raw sounds of the instruments create SOUNDSCAPES and ATMOSPHERES that will assist your journey. An inner journey in comfort and well-being; in which you will effortlessly experience your most natural state of peace, lightness, joy and wholeness.

Each sound session with Willka starts with a small GUIDED MEDITATION (5-10 min.), which is a helpful technique and introduction to relaxation. It helps you for:

- Stress and tension relief
- Disempowerment and letting go of what doesn't serve you (fears, thoughts, worries)
- Expanding in perspectives and consciousness // Self-discovery

Each session is unique and spontaneously adapted to the group and moment, and lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Participants lay down on yoga mats, covered cosily in blankets and enjoy the soft LIVE MUSIC with eyes closed.

No previous experience in mediation and relaxation needed. All you need to bring for the event is OPENNESS, CURIOSITY and no expectations, then you are in HARMONY. Your body and mind can relax fully, and the sounds can reveal their magic to you.


WILLKA CHAKI is a young sound enthusiastic from Luxembourg.

He discovers his sensibility and talents as INTUITIVE MUSIC ARTIST and vocalist 2015 on his journey through South America in his training in energetic healing with plants and music. Later in 2015 he was initiated into ANCIENT HEALING ARTS OF SOUND by a master musician from the Peruvian Andes.


Price: 22€, please register at www.YogaBalance.lu/booking. Payment is required in advance. Students: 15€, please email info@yogabalance.lu your official Lycee or Uni enrollment to receive the student discount code.

Expérimentez vous-mêmes et votre corps de façon nouvellle à travers une relaxation bienfaisante et un VOYAGE INTÉRIEUR, guidé par des sons doux des bols tibétains, gong, autres instruments éthniques comme le didgeridoo, tambour, flute et des chants doux.

Dirigeant consciement l'intention de ?vouloir faire' envers 'simplement ÊTRE'. Les sons doux et purs des instruments créent un espace de PAYSAGES SONORES et ATMOSPHÈRES qui soutiennent ton expérience. Un voyage intérieur crée a base de confort et de bien-être; dans lequel le silence présent te révèlera ton état naturel de paix, légèreté, joy et plénitude. Tout cela sans aucun effort.

Ce voyage sonore avec Willka commence avec une MÉDITATION GUIDÉE (5-10 min.) qui en même temps est une technique et introduction au relâchement. Elle aide à:
- Soulager le stress et les tensions
- Lâcher et réduire doutes, pensées, anxiétés
- Expansion de perspectives et de conscience // Découvrir soi-même

Chaque voayage sonore est unique et adapté spontanément au groupe et au moment. La durée est de 1 h 20 min.
Les participants sont allongés sur des matelas yoga, couverts confortablement et profittent du CONCERT LIVE avec les yeux fermés.
Il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir des expériences en médiations et relaxations. Tout ce que tu dois apporter est un esprit OUVERT et CURIEUX. Cela te permet d'être en HARMONIE. Ton corps et ton esprit peuvent se relâcher, et les sons peuvent te révéler leur magie.
WILLKA CHAKI est un jeune ethousiaste de sons née au Luxembourg. Il découvre sa sensibilité et talents comme MUSICIEN ET CHANTEUR INTUITIF pendant son voyage 2015 en Amérique du Sud lors de sa formation de soins énergétiques avec les plantes et la musique en Amazonie.Plus tard en 2015 il est initié par un maître musicien dans les ARTS ANTIQUES DE GUÉRIR AVEC LES SONS.

Special instructions

On Sundays the building is closed and the doors will be locked at all times. We must use the hidden door that is 3 meters to the left of the main door to enter (pictured at www.YogaBalance.lu/find-us. Please arrive 10-15 mins before the start of class to reduce the stress caused when you arrive late and find the door locked. Please do not NOSHOW, let us know via SMS if you will not make it, +352 621 406 088. There are 16 parking spaces in front of the building that you are free to use. Please arrange your mat in a circle around the musical instruments, with the inside edges of your mat near or touching the mats on either side of you. Since you are laying in Savasana for one hour, you might feel cold. Wear warm cozy clothes and bring a blanket if you want and maybe a pillow for your head. There are some blankets at the studio but we might not have enough for everyone. Please come with an empty bladder so that you don't need to get up during the session. It is disturbing to the musician and the others, but if absolutely necessary please do so as quietly as possible. Come with an open mind, no expectations and willingness to relax and you will have a wonderful experience!
Cancellation policy  If you won't be able to attend, please remember to cancel.