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Sound Journey into Deep Relaxation From €22 per visit with Drop-in - 90min - 6m exp. passPurchase required to enroll

Workshop: Embodied Yoga Principles

Take Your Yoga Off the Mat - Embodied Yoga Principles Workshop
Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is a practical new method for making postural yoga more applicable to daily life. EYP is used to enrich yoga practice and add a new level of depth to asana. EYP helps yogis gain deep insights and learn practical tools to help with work, relationships and the challenges of life in our modern world far from the Himalayas. Rather than just helping people relax, EYP is an educational method for growing as a person and powerfully improving your life. It’s mindfulness based and influenced by body therapy, dance, theatre, improv comedy, martial arts and life coaching; and brings these approaches to yoga. More here if curious: www.embodiedyogaprinciples.com

This workshop is open to everyone and is particularly useful for yoga teachers and practitioners who have a grounding in asana practice and wish to extend their knowledge “off the mat”. This is not a typical yoga workshop – expect to be inspired, challenged and gain some deep insights into your own behavioural patterns. Maša Nobilo, a Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher and Embodied Facilitator based in Luxembourg, is glad to offer you this workshop fresh from a completed EYP Teacher Training. The workshop will be held in English.

Partner Yoga Workshop-No partner needed From €35 per visit with Drop-in - 120min - 6m exp. passPurchase required to enroll

Partner Yoga Workshop

You thought that yoga is only a solitary practice? Think again, there are many benefits to practicing with another person - ranging from increased fun, deepening of the physical posture to increased trust and connection.

YogaBalance would like to offer you a fun Sunday workshop on the topic of PARTNER YOGA. This will be a 2-hour workshop in which we will explore the basic principles of practicing yoga with another person. It will consist of partner stretches, a Partner Yoga flow and ending in a relaxing Thai massage. This workshop also aims to guide you, in a fun way, into more knowledge about your own habits in relationships, so that hopefully you can take that knowledge to thrive even more in your everyday life.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop, only a willingness to explore a new way of moving and being. You are welcome to come alone or with a partner (whether this is a spouse, family member or a friend...all types of relationships benefit from more connection and time spent laughing together), just make sure to let us know when you arrive if you came with someone.

About the teacher:

Maša Nobilo is a Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher, as well as an Embodied Facilitator, with a passion of using various movement practices as a way of exploring our minds, behaviours and ways of relating. She is very happy to join the YogaBalance team with her unique combination of practices. https://www.facebook.com/masa.nobilo/

Workshop: The Yoga Medicine® Essentials Workshop €70 per classPurchase required to enroll


Kids Yoga (5-10yrs) Courses €200Purchase required to enroll

Teen Yoga (10-16y) €200Purchase required to enroll

Trauma Sensitive Yoga €150Purchase required to enroll